A North Dakota family takes a spin on the Great White East while on vacation

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. (WSVN) – A vacationing family went fishing in Florida and were surprised to be reeled in by a great white shark.

The kids on board were ecstatic, and the family caught the whole thing on camera.

The children described the trip as “the best day ever”. They were on the water in Fort Lauderdale when they caught the shark.

The family, who is from North Dakota, said they came to South Florida for an exciting fishing trip, so they booked a whale fishing trip with Good Hit Sportfishing. Little did they know how rewarding this journey would be.

While struggling to catch another fish, one of the men said they felt a great tug on their fishing line.

“When it hit a stick, it just hit it and took off, so we knew it was something big,” Shawn Jacobson said.

The whale was so big that all three men were taken into the boat to get the big guy inside.

“We were alternating left and right turns, probably 20 to 30 cranks, and then it was the next guy,” Jacobson said.

After about 40 minutes of pulling and pulling, the men finally managed to get it.

Such a catch is rare in South Florida. It wasn’t until they saw the boat captain’s reaction that they realized how special this capture was.

Captain Adam Reckert said: “I’ve been doing this as a captain for 20 years and this is the second time I’ve gone down. “The last one was about 15 years ago.”

With this in mind, everyone decided to keep this memory forever by taking some photos and videos. Before releasing it, the children decided to give the big fish a great name to remember him by.

“We called it the Cofax Crusher.”

They showed the Cofax Crusher before releasing the shark. Good Hit Sportfishing says this is standard protocol.

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