A new director has been appointed for the Lancaster Department of Corrections

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLLEN) – The Lancaster County Board of Commissioners announced Thursday the appointment of a new director for the Lancaster Department of Community Corrections.

Darcy Poland, former Deputy Chief of Probation for the State of Nebraska (District 4J (Omaha)), has been appointed as the new Director of the Lancaster Department of Community Corrections and is scheduled to begin her new role on April 3rd.

“I once heard someone say, ‘opportunities don’t happen, you make them,'” Poland said. “I believe this statement sums up how I feel about this appointment and the excitement I have about the prospect of individuals choosing to participate in any community reform programs. I look forward to continued success not only our participants, but also Lancaster County Correctional Officers.”

Born and raised in Manson, Iowa, Poland earned a Master of Science in Public Administration from Bellevue University and a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services from Midland Lutheran College.

During his studies, Poland served as Deputy Chief of Probation for the State of Nebraska (District 4J (Omaha)), Safety and Security Supervisor for the Office of Juvenile Services (Eastern Service Area), and Adjunct Instructor at Oklahoma State University. 23 years of civil service experience.

Vice President Sean Flowerday said, “The County Board is impressed with Darcy’s extensive experience working with judges, attorneys, school officials, criminal justice professionals and community providers to develop and implement interventions, services and treatment for juveniles and their families.”

The Department of Corrections, founded in 2003, began as a small pretrial services agency, and some of its goals were to design and administer alternatives to incarceration to reduce the prison population. Since then, LCDC has grown into a large department offering over a dozen different programs.

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