A mother is asking the public for help after a car carrying her child’s medical equipment was stolen

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) — It’s been nearly two weeks since Taylor Emm’s car was stolen from a Walmart parking lot in Maplewood, but the 22-year-old says it’s still emotional to think about it.

“I’m just sad about it, really, really sad,” Emm said.

The incident happened on the night of March 3. Emm, the new mother of a 15-month-old daughter, says her 2011 Nissan Murano was stolen while she was inside Walmart before going to her mother’s house.

“It was Friday night, Grandma had him,” Emm said. “I went there to get the baby, diapers and everything for a week. I was only there for 40 minutes.”

Maplewood police shared surveillance video Thursday night of the incident. In the middle of the parking lot, a person can be seen slowly looking out the windows of the car. While the footage is somewhat grainy, the suspect eventually gains access to Emm’s car and makes off with it.

“They confirm that a man was looking at the windows, several windows before me. He gained access to the mine at 9.40pm and pulled the section towards Hanley Road at 9.42pm,” he said.

When Emm finally got out, she panicked to see another car in her place.

“That’s when I realized it was gone. “My car is gone,” said Emm.

Maplewood Police tell News 4 they have not yet located the vehicle. Emm says that he searched all over the city for it, to no avail.

“My car was my only way to earn money. I Door Dash, Uber rides, Lyft, whatever I can do right now, said Emm.

However, it was what was inside her car that meant more to her and her family than the car itself. Her daughter Aaliyah’s medical equipment, which includes a treatment chair, a device for her g-tube and medication, were all inside the car.

“My daughter, she is going to the doctor. “She has bilateral hip and hip dysplasia, so her brain is currently smaller than her skull,” Emm said. they put a body. legs below his waist.’

This therapy chair helps Aaliyah sit up straight in the car and at home, which she uses for up to eight hours a day, and her g-tube device helps Emm manage how much food she gets into her body.

“Both of these pieces were presented to us to leave the NICU because Medicaid would not approve or cover it,” she said.

These devices alone can cost Emm about $10,000 to replace a new car.

“I have no way of going to meetings,” he said.

Currently, Aaliyah is mostly staying at her grandmother’s house while Emm finds a way to restore the car and its interior. Maybe she should change devices altogether.

“She has to go to the hospital in three minutes if she pulls her g-tube out, and I can’t get her there without a car in that time,” Emm said. “I think she’s better off with him for now until I figure out what I’m going to do for work and how I can change the car.”

there is GoFundMe was created to help Emm and her family with the expenses she may face after losing her car. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of his vehicle can contact Maplewood police.

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