A central Texas economist estimates that Trump’s rally could bring as much as $500,000 to the Waco economy

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Former President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump is expected to bring thousands of people and dollars to Waco Saturday.

Campaign officials estimate that 15,000 people from all over Texas will participate, which means some positive and possibly negative economic impact for the city.

City officials confirmed at a press conference Thursday that the Trump campaign paid the city $60,000 for use of the Waco Regional Airport, security and traffic control.

Other roads are also expected to bring economic stimulus to Waco.

Dr. Rob Tennant, an economics professor at Texas A&M University in Central Texas, says the food trucks at Saturday’s rally could generate up to $80,000 for the city.

Tennant will also talk about gas, local restaurants and hotels and how the influx of visitors will increase sales for them.

“It could probably be anywhere from a quarter to a half million dollars brought to the community just for one day,” Tennant told KWTX. “If they have a positive experience with it, they may come back and it may have residual economic benefits for the region.”

Tennant also pointed out some of the potential negative economic costs that the rally could cause, namely more contact with law enforcement as well as car accidents due to more people on the roads.

Click here for more information on what to expect at Saturday’s event.

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