A bill to ban foster care for transgender minors is making progress in the Legislature

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – LB 574, a bill to ban gender reassignment for care of transgender children in Nebraska, passed after two rounds of votes on Thursday.

The vote came after three weeks of filibustering, two days of debate and a final flurry of motions to delay the bill on Thursday. Democratic senators took turns pleading with supporters to change their minds, sometimes getting very emotional and sharing personal stories.

Senator Megan Hunt shared her experience of having a transgender son. Senator Lynne Walz shared her journey with a child struggling with mental health issues, and John Frederickson, an openly gay senator, wept over his own mother’s acceptance of his sexuality.

Opposition senators demanded no vote for child protection. Those who voted yes, including Sen. Kathleen Kaut, who introduced the bill, said they would vote in favor of the bill for that reason.

The bill passed a cloture vote to suspend the filibuster 33-16; this made it possible to pass the bill by 30-2 votes. Two more rounds of voting are required for it to become law.

Bailey Bischoff explains how a bill is becoming law in the Nebraska Legislature.

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