[6 Modi] How to Unlock OPPO without Password

Nowadays, various brands of mobile phones are dazzling and has been gifted with more features and functions by the people. Many users use mobile phones to pay and register, so the password on the mobile phone is very important. When the user enters the wrong mobile phone password many times due to forgetting the password of his OPPO mobile phone, if OPPO forgets the password and restores the original factory settings, the OPPO mobile phone screen will be locked, making it impossible to ‘access the mobile. So how to unlock OPPO screen lock?

Unlock OPPO screen lock using android unlock tool

If you accidentally forget the pattern lock, digital password, pin code of OPPO mobile phone, I recommend you to use Droidkit, a cell phone unlocking tool. This is an efficient and easy to use unlock master. Even if you are not using an OPPO phone, don’t worry, it can unlock the password of most Android system phones. Use Droidkit to easily unlock OPPO screen in minutes.

Let’s look at how to unlock OPPO phone password with Droidkit.

Step 1. Download and install Droidkit on your computer, select the mode “Screen unlock“.

Step 2. Use a USB cable to connect OPPO mobile phone to computer, click “Start“.

Step 3. DroidKit starts preparing configuration files for your device, click Remove now at the end.

Step 4. Then follow the onscreen instructions to put your OPPO into recovery mode and then wipe the cache partition on your OPPO.

Step 5. After completing the above steps, DroidKit will start removing your screen lock. After restarting, you can see that OPPO mobile phone has been unlocked after forgetting the password.

Unlock OPPO screen passcode with Google account

Usually Android phones can enter the wrong password five times, then the phone will be locked. If you have connected OPPO whose mobile phone password you forgot to Google account, you can also unlock the password through Google account. But your OPPO system must be Android 4.4 or earlier.

Step 1: Enter the wrong password more than five consecutive times.

Step 2: Tap Forgot Pattern at the bottom of the screen to reset your unlock pattern.

Step 3: Enter a new lock screen password and tap OK. Or sign in with your Google Account and click Sign In.

Step 4: Turn your OPPO phone back on and enter the new password again.

Restore factory settings to reset OPPO

Another method is to try resetting the phone to factory settings by yourself, you need to enter recovery mode to operate. Here are the steps for reset OPPO.

Step 1. Turn off your OPPO phone.

Step 2. After shutting down, press and hold the “Power button” + “Volume down button” simultaneously until you enter recovery mode;

Step 3. Then use volume keys to select: wipe data/factory reset and wipe cache partition.

Step 4. After selecting, press the Power button to confirm, then OPPO phone will reboot automatically and restore factory settings.

After the OPPO mobile phone is reset to the factory settings, it is the same as a newly purchased phone, it can be reset and used after turning on the phone. But please note that this method will erase all data on the device.

Unlock your phone via OPPO cloud service

If your OPPO mobile phone has enabled the mobile phone search function, you can use the OPPO cloud service to recover the password.

Step 1. Open the OPPO cloud service website ( on your computer,

Step 2. Log in to your OPPO mobile account, click “Find device” on the page > select the device.

Step 3. Click on the “Lock” option, then “Reset Password” will appear and you can reset your password right now.

Reset OPPO password by email

If your mobile phone has been associated with an email address in the initial security settings, you can also use the email address to reset OPPO password to remove the screen lock.

Step 1: Tap “Forgot Password” on screen > select “Reset by Email”

Step 2. Enter your email address, then a verification code will be sent to your email

Step 3: Enter the received verification code, click “Done”, then set a new password for the lock screen.

Look for after-sales service

If none of the above methods are suitable for you, it is recommended that you ask the service center for help, gather the invoice + warranty card when you buy OPPO mobile phone, and ask after-sales service technicians to help you reset the mobile phone to the original factory state. This method may cause damage to the mobile phone data. If the mobile phone data is lost, such as contacts, text messages, installed applications, etc., the factory reset will be deleted .


What should I do if I forget my OPPO password? The above 6 methods can help you unlock OPPO screen lock! Some traditional methods can help you solve it quickly, but there will be some limitations. If you don’t want to lose data in your phone, I believe Droidkit is your most worthy choice. come to download it and try it!

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