West Lake Park to fully reopen with inflatable playground

DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) – West Coast Lake Park, Boathouse and Four Lakes will fully reopen Memorial Day weekend 2023 after a three-year, $4 million restoration project.

All four lakes were drained in 2019 in order to implement erosion control measures to prevent sediment from entering the water. Prior to the restoration project, the water quality was poor and cloudy. Sediment in the water affected the oxygen level of the lakes, causing problems for fish and plants.

“We were listed on the state’s impaired waterways list in 2008. There was a lot of silt entering the lakes from the watershed, increasing chlorophyll and phosphorus levels,” said JB Graham, West Lake Park Park Manager.

After the exploration of the lakes, new fish habitats were established at the bottom of the lake. Eight sludge holding ponds were added. Rocks were added along the shoreline to keep sediment out of the water.

A new swimming area will be installed near the beach. Graham says one of the playgrounds will be for younger children and the other for older children. Safety checks are conducted by lifeguards.

“It should be a big game, too. It’s been a project we’ve been working on in the background with lake restoration,” Graham said, “Our fishing should be really good in the coming years. We’ll have canoes, kayaks and fishing boats available for rent. .”

The Scott County Conservancy says improvements to the lakes should last at least another fifty years.

The park hires lifeguards, boat house attendants and other seasonal positions. You can visit the park website.

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