Wear OS: soon Material You and dynamic colors

It’s been a few hours since Google released the first official taste of Android 14 for its smartphone. No particular news on a practical level emerged from the first Developer Preview, but its code is providing several ideas on what to expect from the stable version of Android 14.

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In addition to the features that should arrive with the next versions of Android 14, we also learn what to expect in terms of Wear OS. Google’s wearable operating system, which we detailed in our guide, could receive graphic novelty.

In fact, an option called was found in the code of the first Developer Preview of Android 14 DYNAMIC_COLOR_THEME_ENABLED which should concern Wear OS. To date, in fact, Wear OS proposes some elements of the new graphical interface of the Material Youlaunched since Android 12, but not all of its key features.

Currently in fact also Wear OS 3which is the latest version of the operating system, is based on Android 11.

Therefore not all the elements of the Material You are there. But soon we could finally see them on Wear OS, including the option that allows you to automatically adapt the hue interface color.

The new look should also concern the apps installed, just like Android on smartphones. However, it remains to be understood how Google intends handle dynamic colors on Wear OS, since one is not set on the wearable operating system background of system.

We therefore expect that this novelty will arrive on Wear OS with an important update software. It remains to be seen whether Wear OS will move to Android 12 as a base or even directly to Android 14. We will come back to update you as soon as we know more.

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