Vivo X90 Pro+ tested by DXOMark: in the top ten

Smartphones vivo have always been particularly appreciated by enthusiasts for the constructive care and innovative solutions, but it was not easy to get hold of them.

In recent years, the Chinese company has instead carried out a change of paceand has decided to invest in the West by bringing us great products as vivo X80 Pro. With the X90 series, presented last November, vivo has decided to continue the good things shown in 2022, focusing everything on the camera. But with what results? It tells us DXOMark, who tested the top vivo X90 Pro+.

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Photos ok, but don’t ask him to shoot moving objects

Let’s start with the good news. Last year, the vivo X80 Pro was the result far from the best in the same test, while this year’s top narrowly enters the top ten, placing behind iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max (which are just under the Pro 14) e Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultraand at the same level as Google Pixel 7in tenth place.

The well-known site praises the progress compared to the predecessor, also thanks to the 1 inch sensor. The technical characteristics of the camera are as follows:

  • Primary: 50MP, 1″ sensor, f/1.75 aperture, AF, OIS
  • Ultra-wide: 48MP, apertura f/2.2, AF, equivalente a 14mm
  • Tele: 50MP, apertura f/1.6, OIS, equivalente a 50mm
  • Tele: 64MP, periscope lens, f/3.5 aperture, AF, OIS, 90mm equivalent

Photos show good handling of the exposure and a white balance quite accurateas well as a good yield in low light conditions (image below) and above all an excellent zoom, which goes up to 100x and got the second score highest ever recorded on the site.

Fonte: DXOMark

On the downside, the site reports some drawbacks regarding the color and the shutter speed.

The color has an inaccurate rendering of the shades of the dark skin in backlit scenes, as well as some color quantization in indoor lighting conditions and lower light levels.

The site mainly detects a considerable delay shutter, longer than its rivals in the Ultra-Premium segment. This means that the shot is taken once fraction of a second after the shutter is pressed, not at the same time, which could be a problem when trying to take a picture of a child or at a party.

As for the scores, we have 142/152 in photo, con:

  • 110/117 in the exhibition
  • 108/119 in color
  • 85/116 nell’autofocus
  • 112/114 in texture
  • 110/115 in noise
  • 80/81 in artifacts
  • 70/80 nail bokeh
  • 150/151 in the zoom

Video good, but far from the top

In video mode, the vivo X90 Pro+ performed well bene overall, especially regarding exposure, with a fairly wide dynamic range.

However, the site notes how vivo stayed behind to some devices of its category in terms of detail retention. The compromise texture/noise of the camera in the video produced details subside, especially in conditions of interior lighting and in conditions of poor lighting.

Moving on to the scores, we have a value of 129/159 here’s the video:

  • 105/116 in the exhibition
  • 106/117 in colour
  • 93/117 nell’autofocus
  • 96/115 in the texture
  • 106/118 in noise
  • 113/117 in stabilization
  • 75/86 in artifacts

Who you can find the complete test, as usual very detailed.

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