Thousands of Central Texas residents are without power for the third night

(KWTX) – Many Central Texas residents are bracing for a night of darkness as crews across the region work to restore power.

Customers, like 80-year-old Hugh Wilson of Marlin, were without power for days. For Wilson, this is difficult because he was recently disabled from an accident.

“Just moving [at night]it bothers me,” Wilson said.

And in his small community of just over 5,500 people, he knows if he’s a neighbor or not.

He says he is constantly trying to find answers.

“I called, I texted, and they say they’re working on it,” Wilson said.

Falls County was hit hard by a power outage, with about 1,900 people starting their day in the dark Friday.

But by Friday evening, that number had dropped to just over 1,300.

“It wasn’t until today that the paths really became clear that we could go into the problem areas,” said Andy Morgan, a spokesman for Oncor.

Another problem area was Bell County, especially in Temple. But Oncor tells KWTX the numbers are in steady decline.

As of Friday morning, 20,000 customers were without power in Bell County, but that number had dropped to 14,000 by Friday afternoon. And by evening it reached 11,000.

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