The Trees for Pets program respects pets and helps the environment

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – Saying goodbye to a best friend is never easy.

“He taught me so much about love and life,” said Mandy Moller, assistant veterinarian at Ehlers Animal Clinic.

Not long ago, Moller had to say goodbye to Macy, a lifelong companion.

“Her health started to deteriorate, and when it was finally time for her to be released, I was working with some of the vets here,” Moller said.

Fortunately for Moller and many other pet owners facing the death of a pet, Ehlers makes sure its clients have something to remember their pets by. The clinic partners with the Arbor Day Foundation to ensure that every dog ​​that passes through Ehlers’ care has the opportunity to have a tree planted in its honor.

“Anyone who has had a dog or a cat knows that this relationship is unlike any human relationship,” said Megan Ehlers, Ehlers Animal Care. “This is different. Each of them is something that people want to remember. “

Ehlers has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation for 11 years, helping to plant 2,500 trees in national forests across the country. The Earth Day Foundation works with these forests and gives people a say in where their pet tree is planted.

“It’s been amazing to run this program and watch it grow and see the impact it has on both our clients, our vet partners and our forests in need,” said Max Anderson, who works for the Arbor Day Foundation.

Pet owners receive a card that tells them about the tree and which park it is in. Moller said there’s no way to fill Macy’s void, but the program offers some closure.

“It’s a good way to keep your dog alive, even after you lose it,” Moller said. “Just know that there is something good out there when your dog can no longer be with you.”

But death does not have to be the only opportunity for cultivation. Individuals can also be planted a tree celebrating your pet, such as honoring a recent adoption.

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