The Sioux Falls veterans home project is moving forward

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – A tiny home project for veterans is coming to fruition in Sioux Falls as five tiny homes in the village have seen progress.

The village will house at-risk veterans who have experienced homelessness.

Soon it will have twenty-five houses for veterans, ten of which will be used for families.

Currently, the first five houses are attracting attention in the spring.

Eric Gage, Executive Director of the Sioux Falls Veterans Community Project, discussed how important this project is to the state of South Dakota.

“Veterans experience homelessness at a higher rate than the average population and with such a high percentage of our population in South Dakota in the military, it’s an issue,” said Eric Gage, executive director of the Sioux Falls Veterans Community Project.

They note the progress they have already seen in the houses.

“On June 30th, we completed the largest land clearing in the history of Sioux Falls. Since then, this wooded area in the middle of Sioux Falls that no one knew about was cleared and reclaimed and now has five small houses. ,” Gage said.

James Biener is a custom home improvement craftsman who works on homes.

As a veteran, he says it’s rewarding to be involved in the process.

“I’m actually a veteran and a member of the South Dakota International Guard, so it’s great to be a part of them and help build these homes. It’s a great way to give my talents and skills back to homeless vets,” said James Biener, Home Improvement Master.

He says how helpful volunteers can be in developing these homes.

“The volunteers are great, we’ve had a couple come in, a husband and wife come in and they’ve really helped with shoveling snow or putting a ladder on the trailer,” Biener said.

With the overall goal of not only helping shelter veterans, but also connecting them through community and resources.

“We’re building a community, our village is becoming that community, but we want it to be a part of the larger community of the Sioux Falls area,” Gage said.

Those with the project say they hope the first veteran can move in by spring.

For more information or to volunteer or donate, you can follow the link below https://www.veteranscommunityproject.org/siouxfalls https://www.facebook.com/VCPSiouxFalls

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