The North Pole city council unanimously opposes the current plan to transport Manh Chokh minerals.

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) – The North Pole City Council voted unanimously at its Monday, Feb. 7 meeting to oppose the current plan to transport ore through a busy corridor in the Alaska interior.

Kinross currently plans to use large trucks to transport ore from the Manchoh mine south of Tok to the Fort Knox mine to be processed via the Alaska, Richardson and Steeze highways.

Speakers at the council meeting foreshadowed a number of issues with the proposed North Pole shuttle.

These include noise pollution, conflicts with traffic and school bus routes, and road damage.

“We love that our resources are developing. I grew up in northern Idaho. Logging, that was huge, so I grew up watching that stuff, but we have to do it efficiently and effectively. Watching this resolution come to fruition was really interesting and inspiring about how we need to come together as public and elected officials and really see change,” said council member Anton Keller.

Mayor Mike Welch plans to present the resolution to the Home Affairs panel in June.

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