The love story between Android Auto and the weather isn’t over

Android Auto is the infotainment system from Google that allows Android smartphones to connect to compatible cars, in order to have an optimized and safe user experience for driving.


Over the last few months we have seen it coming several novelties for Android Auto, and among the most important we find the brand new graphical interface called Coolwalk. In addition to this, Google proves to be always working to propose more novelty.

In fact, in the last few hours some interesting details have been leaked about one of the upcoming news that we could see on Android Auto. We’re talking about of the weather icona graphic element that has a long and busy spent right with Android Auto.

In fact, until 2019 the weather icon was always present in Android Auto, then it was removed then come back after a few weeks. This lasted until the end of last year: with the advent of Coolwalk on Android Auto we said goodbye again the weather icon.

Ma it didn’t end there: A member of the Google Android Auto team reported on the official forum that the development team is investigating the options available for introduce the weather icon are Android Auto with Coolwalk.

No timing has been indicated, we don’t even know if this will happen for real. Certainly there love story between the weather icon and Android Auto it’s not over yetwe are pleased to hear about it today.

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