The Indiana Senate passed a bill to legalize throwing stars

INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) – The Indiana Senate passed a bill that would legalize throwing stars under certain conditions.

Star throwing is currently illegal in Indiana, but a bill introduced by state Sen. Linda Rogers would lift that ban for recreational use. Star throwing is permitted in other states, where it can sometimes be found in ax throwing businesses.

Senate Bill 77 “it actually comes from a constituent who owns a putt-putt golf course called Ninja Golf,” Rogers explained. “Almost everyone I talked to said, ‘Hey, look, if we can throw axes, we sure can throw stars.’

Some say that extra safety measures need to be considered because star throwing is different from ax throwing.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” said Richard Deschain, co-owner of Ragnarok Ax Throwing LLC in Indianapolis. He said the blades of the throwing stars can bend and hook, increasing one’s chances of getting cut.

“I would say the easiest way to have any kind of solution to that is to require a layered Kevlar glove to be worn when they’re throwing any other object like a throwing star,” he said.

The bill includes some restrictions. Throwing stars would only be allowed in certain jobs, and children between the ages of 12 and 17 could only throw stars with written permission from their parents.

There are also requirements for fencing between the throwing lanes.

“They’re a lot of fun and I think as long as we’re safe and we’re educating people about them, I think it’s absolutely something we should allow,” Deschain said.

The bill passed the state Senate on a 48-1 vote. It goes to the next House for consideration.

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