The former MSU basketball player’s homicide trial will begin Monday

Detroit – A former Michigan State University basketball player will be arraigned Monday in the 2021 murder of a family member.

Keith Appling, 30, was charged in 2021 with the fatal shooting of Clyde Edmonds, the husband of Appling’s maternal uncle. He was charged with first degree murder and three counts of aggravated weapons offenses.

Assistant Wayne County Prosecutor William Lawrence said during Appling’s preliminary hearing in 2021 that Edmonds’ slaying was “in cold blood.” Lawrence said there was no evidence of a fight between Apling and Edmonds, although police initially said Apling may have argued with Edmonds over the gun before the shooting.

Appling’s attorney, Andrew Abboud, said Thursday that “the trial is now set for Monday and we are preparing for the trial.”

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