The forecast predicts a low risk of flooding

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Snow may still blanket the ground in North Dakota, but that doesn’t mean the early flood forecast won’t come true. An early statewide outlook was issued Thursday by the National Weather Service.

“How long does it take for this snow to melt, fall or fall?” said National Weather Service hydrologist Allen Schlag.

The good news is that moisture is coming to the ground. Hydrologists say most soils around the state are hot and dry. This means they are prepared to melt in any melting snow.

“We expect a lot of the meltwater that would be produced in most normal melting scenarios to disappear on land. So that actually lowers our expectations in terms of flood risk,” Schlag said.

The Bismarck area has already received 52 inches of snow, compared to the average of 51 inches for the entire winter. There was a break in the stormy weather in January and February, but the end of winter is changing.

“Going into late winter, early spring, it looks like we’re in for more stormy weather,” said KFYR-TV Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lawrence.

Right now, the risk of flooding is low, but how much snow already melts on the ground and how much precipitation falls over the rest of the winter season could change that. If all the snow melts and the ground freezes, the outlook can change.

“But our snow in November really helped us, it insulated the ground, and now the slow snowmelt is the best, and given the possibility of flooding in the spring, if we don’t have a serious, serious situation in the spring, we’re looking really good. reach,” said Lawrence.

Meteorologists say that the next 90 days may see below-normal temperatures.

The next flood forecast will be announced on February 23.

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