The DMV says the chatbot helped 90,000 in January

CARSON CITY, Nev. (KOLO) – The Nevada DMV says its bilingual chatbot program helped more than 90,000 people in January.

The bot is available in English and Spanish. The DMV says last month’s results are the first visible results of the program.

“The chatbot is easy to use and can transfer up to 30 percent of phone calls to the department,” DMV Director Julie Butler said. “This is one of the first major improvements. Over the next few years, nearly all DMV transactions will be available online.”

Butler points to the DMV’s four-year plan to revamp its IT infrastructure. The department says it will also add these features:

· Customers waiting for a driver’s license or ID card can now check the card’s production and shipment status through their MyDMV account

· The DMV launched a pilot program on Feb. 1 to allow auto dealers to submit vehicle title documents online

· We have just started research to bring modern technology into our contact center

· A new case management system for the Compliance Department will be launched in March. Customers can file complaints against auto dealers or other DMV licensees online.

The DMV says the chatbot program will be improved over time with guidance from DMV staff.

“Transactions like applying for an original driver’s license online are more complex and take time to process,” Butler said. “But we have six teams working simultaneously to bring a number of new services to Nevadans over several years.”

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