The Department of Environmental Protection is awarding three grants to Interior Alaska projects

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) – The Department of Environmental Protection has awarded three grants to Interior Alaska projects aimed at restoring and maintaining Alaska’s waterways.

Three Clean Water Action grants totaling $152,705 will be awarded to domestic projects designed to protect and improve the state’s water bodies. The two groups receiving the grants are the Tanana Valley Watershed Association and the City of North Pole. The Tanana Valley Watershed Association is running two projects.

One of the projects of the Tanana Valley Watershed Association is to identify road crossings that cross the Chena River and its tributaries, which are water bodies such as creeks and streams that enter the river. The goal of the project is to determine which of these crossings contributes to the flow of rainwater into the river and its tributaries. The project will also work to develop a “green infrastructure design” designed to capture and treat stormwater runoff. This project takes place throughout Fairbanks North Star and involves the coordinated efforts of the Borough Assembly, Fairbanks City Council and North Pole City Council. The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) provided $51,800 for the project.

Another Tanana Valley Watershed Association project is a pet waste reduction and education project that received $54,000 in grant funding. These projects include installing and maintaining trash bag stations at several parks along the Chena River and Noyes Slough. Educational signs will also be posted in these parks to provide park users with information about the negative effects of pet waste on our waterways. The Tanana Valley Watershed Association expects to significantly reduce animal waste through this project.

The North Pole City Project is conducting a two-stage drainage study of low-lying or low-lying areas within the city limits. The first phase will cover areas west of Richardson Highway, and the second phase will look at a city-wide drainage integrity study. Recommendations for mitigation and green infrastructure options will be explored after the study is completed. DEC awarded North Pole City $46,905 in grant funds.

DEC also awarded grants to 15 other projects across the state. These projects span from Norton Bay on the west coast of Alaska to Ketchikan on the east coast.

For a complete list of how the $1.6 million will be dispersed, you can visit the site DEC website.

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