The calendar always at hand: our test of CalenTile

In recent years our most used technological objects, such as the smartphone eh notebookhave become daily travel companions, especially with the increase in smart working and activities carried out remotely in front of a PC.

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Among all the apps that help a lot in managing work or study days we find the calendar. Google Calendar is perhaps the clearest example, but there are so many calendar-based apps and services. Precisely for the types of users who use their digital calendar a lot, we tried the app CalenTile. We were positively surprised, we’ll tell you why.

CalenTile is a very light app (weighing less than 1 MB) that we find on the Play Store. On first launch, the app will not ask for any details permits: you will only be asked to add a tile in the Quick Settings section, which is the one where we find all the Android toggles. Next, in case the user tries to access their calendar directly from CalenTile, permission to access the calendar will be requested.

The CalenTile app aims to allow the visualization information relating to the events on the calendar directly from the section Quick Settings. This takes place via a toggle which, after initializing the app, also allows you to quickly access your calendar app.

After the installation and the first start CalenTile will propose the screen of his settings. This is actually the only available section of the app, given that all of its operation is delegated to the toggle that will be created automatically.

Among the app settings we find the welcome support for dark themeand the ability to choose theme automatically according to the system theme. From the settings it will also be possible to customize the display mode of appointments on the calendar and customize the option to access or not access the calendar directly.

As you can see from the screenshots in the gallery, the app offers a very simple interface. The toggle is aesthetically agreeable and above all it is consistent with the rest of the interface.

In fact, we find a perfect coherence between the system toggles and this of the CalenTile app.

The CalenTile app is available on the Play Store at price of €0.99. This amount will have to be paid once, in order to then be able to use the app forever. Of course there are no advertisements, below you will find the button for download dal Play Store.

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