The BSC Diversity Team is celebrating Black History Month with two performances on campus

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – February is Black History Month and BSC is putting on two shows this year to celebrate the month.

When students study in the library, they have the opportunity to walk by the book display and learn a little bit of history.

“On the one hand, I just hope they look and see what’s available to them and maybe something catches their eye and their curiosity and says, ‘Oh, I’ve heard about this and I want to know more.'” to have Or: “I never knew about that. What is this?” Basically, I want to spark curiosity,” said Marlene Anderson, a member of the BSC Diversity team.

As Anderson stocks the shelves, she hopes it will inspire students to learn more about black history and engage students.

“Just to start the conversation and really be inclusive and really active in diversity on campus,” said Megan Miller, co-chair of the BSC Diversity Group.

Students walking through the Student Union put on another Black History Month display.

“I think diversity should be a very intentional conversation, and where diverse students are coming through, that’s the main way they’re going,” Miller said.

Anderson believes that one of the best ways for students to learn is to step into other people’s shoes through books.

“In terms of special things like Black History Month, it’s a way to learn about people who have accomplished a lot, done a lot, and their stories,” Anderson said.

The shows will be on display until the end of the month.

The BSC Diversity team rotates the displays each month, and next month they will be creating displays for Women’s History Month.

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