the 2 in 1 robot that vacuums and washes is back on OFFER, now at 44%

Enjoy this special offer to always have the floors of your home clean, without making any effort. Go to Amazon now and put in your cart the robot 2 in 1 Samsung soli 224,90 euroinstead of 399 euros.

It is one substantial discount of 44%, an unexpected return for a really good quality device. Furthermore, this offer also includes the possibility of buying immediately and paying in installments with Cofidis at check-out. This robot is able to effectively clean every corner of your home and you can also control it remotely.

Samsung: the 2-in-1 robot that leaves nothing on the ground

This robot vacuum cleaner has a design sottilealone 85 cm, designed specifically to be able to slip everywhere, even under the wardrobes or the bed. And it is equipped with a system that includes gods collision sensors which allow him to detect obstacles and overcome them easily. This guarantees a complete and deep cleaning. Has a’powerful suction but it is also silent. While it is in operation you can also sleep without problems.


While catching dust wash the floor too. The water container recognizes when the microfibre cloth is attached and then regulates the water flow accordingly. You can control the little robot even when you’re away from home by downloading the dedicated app on your smartphone. It has one 3400mAh battery able to last for more than 2 hours and when it is about to run out it automatically returns to the charging base.

If you weren’t able to take advantage of this offer last time, now is the time to grab it. So go straight to Amazon and buy yours robot 2 in 1 Samsung soli 224,90 euro, instead of 399 euros. If you complete your order now, you will receive it at your home tomorrow at no extra cost, thanks to Prime services.

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