Temple family moves into motel during ice storm, loses home in fire

TEMPLE, TX (KWTX) – When a temple family moved into a hotel during an ice storm, they returned to find that their home had been destroyed by fire.

Victor Lemons is just trying to find what’s left of 17 years of memories. His uncle, sister and mother live in the house.

“If there had been a fire while we were here, I can’t imagine,” his mother said. Ida Braxton said.

From the burnt front door to the cars that are now just frames in the driveway, almost everything is now burnt.

“I had a lot of antiques and I lost all my memories on the wall, pictures and things like that,” Braxton said. “These things cannot be replaced.”

The fire started early Saturday morning around 5:01 a.m. The night before, the family had entered the hotel because their power had been out for three days.

“I came around the corner and saw a lot of fire trucks,” Lemons said. “I thought, ‘What’s going on here?’ As I got closer, I thought, ‘No, this is my mother’s house.’

It was then that he returned to the hotel to break the news to his mother.

“Victor — he’s a joke,” Braxton said. “So I thought he was joking at first. He said: “Mother, you have gone home.”

The memories may be gone now, but Lemons said he’s thankful he came to town and encouraged his family to stay at the motel.

“I could have planned three funerals right now, but thank God we’re out of the house,” Lemons said.

Currently, the Temple Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.

Currently, the family is staying in a hotel in the city while filing their insurance claims. They also have to destroy the rest of the house. Visit their family to help finance their hotel and meals GoFundMe.

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