Senior day centers provide a home away from home for the elderly and disabled

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) – Being responsible for the safety and well-being of an elderly or disabled loved one can take a toll on family members, but senior day care centers can offer some relief.

Black Hills Senior Day Center offers a home away from home for seniors and people with disabilities, allowing people to socialize and participate in activities while giving their caregivers a break during the day.

Lisa Westlake’s mother has Alzheimer’s disease. Westlake says using the daycare center provides peace of mind that her mother is being cared for.

“So when my mom is away, I know she’s getting what she needs, and I’m getting what I need, which is a break. As a full-time caregiver, a break is so valuable to me, to have a few hours during the day when the businesses are open and I can get to them,” Westlake said.

For Martha Anderson, the Senior Day center helps with the physical needs of her husband, who had a stroke, and with his hygiene needs.

“It required me and one other person to go and physically maneuver the chair into our shower, and it’s not as accessible as it should be. So physically it’s put a strain on us, but it’s expensive to go privately. Anderson said.

Black Hills Senior Day Center is one of three state-registered centers in South Dakota that receive Medicaid reimbursement, meaning these services are limited.

But a bill introduced in the state House could change that.

it is known House bill 1078Its goal is to provide funding to “support the development and expansion of adult day care programs that serve adults with dementia or dementia-related symptoms.”

“Adult day centers are not easily managed and we are not reimbursed by the government, so it is sometimes difficult to stay afloat. So if that House Bill 1078 is approved, it will give us some breathing room so that we’re not so stressed and we can even think about expansion,” said Melanie Barclay, executive director of the Day Care Center. adults from the Black Hills.

If passed, House Bill 1078 would provide a total of $5 million in funding for adult day services across the state.

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