Santa Claus is real, police say after Rhode Island girl asks for DNA test

CUMBERLAND, RI (WPRI) — After an extensive investigation, authorities in Rhode Island have determined that Santa Claus is real after all.

It all started when the Cumberland Police Department received the letter from 10-year-old Scarlett Doumato asking for their help.

“I took a sample of the cookies and carrots I left out for Santa and the reindeer on Christmas Eve and was wondering if you could take a DNA sample and see if Santa is real?” Doumato wrote. She included two bags containing a partially eaten cookie and two half-eaten carrots.

“I feel like since he bit him, he may have left some DNA,” she added.

After receiving the letter, Cumberland Police Chief Matthew Benson forwarded the “evidence” to the Rhode Island Department of Health for analysis. Unfortunately, the the results were inconclusive.

The Department of Health has confirmed that there is a partial match to “a 1947 case centered around 34th Street in New York” — one might say a miracle. While testing the carrots, officials say they were able to find “DNA closely matching Rangifer tarandus, commonly known as reindeer.”

But Benson said the department is not satisfied with those results.

During a media briefing on Wednesday, with Doumat in attendance, Benson revealed a mountain of evidence proving that Santa Claus is indeed real. That evidence included surveillance footage of nine “reindeer” from a neighbor’s yard, a unique set of fingerprints from a person of interest and an interview with the suspect.

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The investigation has attracted international attention, the police chief said.

“Every state in the United States is covering your case,” Benson said, adding that he has received inquiries from as far away as Argentina.

Benson said Doumat’s search for the truth “accomplished exactly what Santa Claus represents.”

“What you have achieved internationally is truly remarkable,” Benson said. “Undoubtedly, one day you will realize the enormity of what your simple inquiry and actions have given to so many.”

Doumato has been showered with gifts from police departments across the country, including the North Pole Police Department in Alaska.

Benson even presented Doumat with a custom police badge.

“I don’t know if you know, but we’re hiring,” Doumatu said with a smile. “I’ll give you an application.”

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