Samsung may update its phones to show the correct used memory

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about “excessive” internal memory consumption by Samsung smartphones. Some warheads even had talked about 60GBsince it was soon revealed to be false.

The memory occupied by the operating system and by the One UI customization turned out to be around 22 GB, however with a larger “footprint” on the occupied space, up to 38 GB in the case we analyzed on S23 Ultra. However, the company has proved to be quite reactive in responding to this controversy. The official answer comes today in a short press release.

1. Actual system internal storage space for Galaxy S23 series is between 20GB and 25GB, depending on model type, carrier or region. The system’s internal storage is allocated for the Android operating system, Samsung’s unique One UI user interface and native applications, as well as room for future operating system updates for smoother and more seamless usability.

2. Storage space for the S23 series, as currently viewable in the “My Files” app, is calculated using binary GiB units, which do not reflect actual storage space.

3. To address this confusion, Samsung is considering updating “My Files” to use GB decimal units which will allow the application to accurately display the actual internal storage space of the system, ranging from 20 to 25 GB.

Samsung is therefore thinking of updating its smartphones to silence the controversy. It is also true that the conversion da GiB a GB (which diverge more and more as memory increases) cannot justify such a “busted” memory calculation as the current one. Samsung could therefore probably intervene to show the real memory space used and not the “calculated” one as allocated by its software My files.

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