Samsung launches three new Galaxy Book3 notebooks

In addition to the Galaxy S23 line of smartphones, today Samsung also presented the new notebooks Galaxy Book3a series that includes models Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Book3 Pro 360 e Book3 Pro (the latter with the screen capable of rotating 360 degrees).

This is the state of the art of the group’s portable PCs, characterized by a pleasant design, weight reduced to a minimum (the Ultra model does not go beyond 1.70 kg) and excellent computing power, which winks to content creators but, above all, to the many who now work constantly on the move and need reliable and adequate professional tools.

There is also a deep interaction with smartphones and other devices in the house: for example, through Samsung Multi Control you can move from one screen to another on different devices without any interruption: control your PC, Galaxy Tab and now also your Galaxy smartphone via your notebook keyboard and trackpad, allowing you to copy, paste or drag-and-drop content between different devices.

The new Galaxy Book3s use 13th generation Intel Core processors (Galaxy Book3 Ultra will also be available with processor Intel Core i9 H) and screens Dynamic AMOLED 2Xthe same ones used on the smartphones of the house, with 3K resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a diagonal of 14 or 16 inch screenwith an aspect ratio of 16:10.

Ultra is available in 16/32GB Ram (LPDDR5) and 512GB/1TB SSD denominations, with expansion slots; Galaxy Book3 Pro (in both inch sizes) in denominations of 8/16GB of Ram (LPDDR5) and 512GB/1TB of SSD, while Pro 360 offers a single 16/512 GB version.

The Model Pro 360 comes packaged with a stylus that measures 8.2 x 7.7 x 144.84 mm and weighs 7.9 grams.

Galaxy Book3 availability

Galaxy Book3 Ultra will be available, in Graphite color, from 14 to 22 February 2023. Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book3 Pro will be available, in Graphite color, from 01 to 22 February 2023.

From 1 to 22 February by purchasing Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Galaxy Book3 Pro 360 and Galaxy Book3 Pro, and registering the device with Samsung Members by 24 April 2023, it is possible to receive a refund of 100 euros. Furthermore, it is possible to request an evaluation of your used car up to 598 euros and receive an additional contribution of 100 euros.

Prices will be communicated in the next few hours.

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