Rowenta floor cleaning robot vacuum cleaner, shock offer today on Amazon

A crazy Amazon offer offers you this unmissable Rowenta robot vacuum cleanerof the latest generation, at an incredible price of only 499.99 euros taking advantage of the 33% discount.

An absolutely excellent product at an equally incredible price. For a short time yet, you will be able to take home this robot from the well-known Rowenta brand which will become your best friend when you have to do the boring house cleaning.

Thanks to tecnologia laser Smart Exploration 8.0 the robot vacuum cleaner will scan the rooms of your house, it will detect obstacles and will create a detailed map. In this way, he will know perfectly the path to follow to clean every corner in an excellent way.

Furthermore, you will choose the areas of your home to be cleaned and how often. You can set the zone off-limits e customize each route. Extremely convenient also from the point of view of cleaning the robot itself, in fact the device it will empty automatically in 20 seconds whenever it will finish its cleaning path.

Suitable for any type of surface, the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner will automatically adapt – also in this case – the suction power. On surfaces that are particularly difficult to clean, such as carpets and rugs, the suction power will be greater.

Your new robot is compatible with the free dedicated app and voice assistants Amazon Alexa e Google Home. Therefore, you will be able to control the robot’s functions even when you are away from home. Extremely silent thanks to Silence technology that attenuates the soundthe Rowenta brand device lasts for battery of 120 minutes of cleaning and can clean up to 120 square meters of floor space on one charge.

Therefore, an excellent product that you can have for just under 500 euros thanks to the 33% discount. So run to Amazon and complete your order which will allow you to buy the robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner before it’s too late.

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