Robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner in SUPER DISCOUNT of 200€

No more effort, save time and money and make your home shiny, thanks to this offer that you can now find on Amazon. Put it in your cart now Rubot robot vacuum cleaner for only 299 eurosinstead of 499 euros, by applying the coupon on the page.

Well yes, if you do fast you can benefit from one discount of 200 euros. Furthermore, if you prefer, you can also buy immediately and pay in comfortable installments with Cofidis at check-out. This robot not only vacuums every corner of your rooms, but at the same time wash the floors. A combo that allows you to have a cleaning excellence without lifting a finger.

Rubot robot vacuum cleaner: at this price it’s a real deal

There is no doubt that such a large discount is very tempting. However it is not just smoke and mirrors, this robot vacuum cleaner is really of quality. Has a’4500Pa powerful suction which allows it to easily pick up dust, crumbs, pet hair and hair. Detect automatically i carpets and therefore increases the power to vacuum more efficiently. And then, thanks to the water tank, while it sucks, it also washes the floor in one pass.

robot-vacuum cleaner-floor cleaner-super-discount-200e-mapping

It features a intelligent navigation system able to identify each room in a precise way and therefore generates virtual maps and stores them, up to 5 different ones. This allows him to overcome obstacles easily managing to get anywhere quickly and precisely. It has a super 400mAh battery that delivers more than 2 hours of autonomy. And it also supports voice commands by Alexa e Google Assistant.

Take advantage of this special offer too but hurry because it won’t last much longer. So go straight to Amazon e buy yours Rubot robot vacuum cleaner for only 299 euros, instead of 499 euros, by applying the coupon on the page. If you complete your order now, you will receive it at your home within a few days at no extra cost, for ai subscribers Prime services.

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