Republicans criticized for carrying ‘disgusting’ assault rifle pins after mass shootings

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) – Republicans are being criticized for wearing ‘disgusting’ assault rifle pins in the wake of mass shootings. While Democrats say the pins are insensitive and untouchable, Republicans say it’s their right to stand up for issues they believe in.

New members of the Republican Congress, such as George Santos and Ana Pauline Luna, wear lapel pins in the shape of assault rifles.

“Promoting them on the House floor is despicable and I think it’s an insult to all the victims of assault weapons,” said Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY).

Democrats like New York Congressman Gregory Meeks and California Congressman Jimmy Gomez criticize Republicans for wearing the pins because there have already been more than 55 mass shootings in the country in 2023.

“Anybody can wear whatever they want, but you have to have some common decency,” Rep. Gomez said.

Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde, who has worn the pin for years, wore it Wednesday while delivering remarks criticizing the ATF’s new gun rules.

“What comes before gun confiscation? Gun registration,” said Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA).

Tennessee Republican Chuck Fleischmann defended his Republican colleagues, saying, “I think it’s a First Amendment issue.”

Fleischmann says Democrats are misguided to try to ban assault weapons and demand universal background checks.

“We have much more pressing issues in this country,” Rep. Fleischmann added.

“Tell that to the families who lost loved ones in Monterey Park or the children who were killed in Uvalde. I mean, they were so mutilated that they had to be identified using DNA,” Rep. Gomez said.

Gomez says Republicans are the ones who are delusional because polls show Americans want stronger gun laws.

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