OnePlus 11, there will be region locking: imported smartphones will not be able to call

By now everyone wants to get their hands on the new OnePlus 11, and not even distances can stop the desire. Or at least in theory: in fact the production company may have implemented a region locking measure to prevent the smartphone from working in countries other than the original one. Let’s go see what happened.

The news comes from a Russian forum, in which a user shared his experiences. In fact, he allegedly bought a Chinese OnePlus 11, which had worked properly for some time. After two weeks, however, this message appeared: “You are using a specific region phone. Calling features are blocked in your region. Contact support for more information“. Since then, effectively, the smartphone has not been able to call.

With a little bit of checking, it was discovered that the message appears when a Chinese unit is used in some specific foreign regions which include, among others, also Italy. After all, all the “blocked” countries are markets where the phone is officially available, so it is a block that is not totally incomprehensible.

It also seems that by contacting assistance and explaining your reasons, you can receive a code with which to restore call functionality. Still nothing confirmed, however, e it is not clear if this region locking is a policy that will remain exclusive to OnePlus 11 or if it will be applied to other models.

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