One-third of American adults have diabetes

MINOT, ND (KMOT) – A study from the CDC shows that one in three adults has pre-diabetes and 80% don’t know it.

Aging is one factor that increases the risk of diabetes, said Kayla Cole, a clinical dietitian at Trinity Health.

For people with a family history, she said, practicing an active lifestyle can lead to a decades-long delay.

Cole said you don’t always stand out just by the symptoms.

He said that if your A1 lab results are between five point seven and six point four, it’s pre-diabetes.

“Know what these labs are saying so you can do something about it, and that’s hard because if we don’t know it, it can’t be bad,” Cole said.

The CDC website, which includes this study, was last reviewed in late 2022. You can find this research Here.

Information sessions for Trinity’s diabetes prevention program are February 14 and March 7.

Call Trinity Health at 701-857-5268 to reserve a spot.

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