Nothing Phone (1): the camera is not his forte

Nothing recently also entered the smartphone sectorwith its Nothing Phone (1) which struck above all for its particular design, including that of the graphical interface.

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As rumors about its successor emerge, Nothing Phone (1) has passed through the hands of DxOMark, the company that is now an authoritative voice in the field of photographic performance evaluation. The final judgment is not particularly exciting.

Nothing Phone (1) in fact received an overall score of 114 pointswhich places it at 62nd place in the overall ranking, and in sixth place in the one in which devices in its price range are included. For comparison, the Pixel 6a outscored it by 8 points.

The sectors that have convinced in positive DxOMark were photography in good light conditions and the video recordingwhich stood out above all in terms of stabilization and level of detail.

What it has instead less convinced it was the mode shots bokehas well as those that assume a high dynamic range and videos recorded under conditions movementsuch as while walking.

In short, it seems that the photographic sector is not the strongest point by Nothing Phone (1). It must also be said that some of the critical issues highlighted by DxOMark could be resolved, or at least reduced, through software adjustments. We’ll see if this happens in the future.

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