North Las Vegas police shot a pit bull to stop an attack on a small dog

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – A pit bull was killed by a North Las Vegas police officer when it attacked another dog, according to the department.

On Feb. 1, a North Las Vegas detective and a Las Vegas city park officer responded to a 9 a.m. call at Seastrand Park that a German shepherd and pit bull were running loose and terrorizing people, authorities said.

The officer and the investigator heard the screams of a woman in this area and went to help. Both men saw a pit bull and a shepherd attack a small dog owned by a 65-year-old owner who had another dog tied up.

“The woman was surrounded by dogs and was close to being attacked. The investigator saw the small dog being swallowed by the bull while the shepherd was biting and pulling on the small dog’s leg,” NLVPD said.

The detective thought the woman was in danger of being attacked and placed himself between her and the dogs. He fired his gun twice at the pit bull, ending the attack, police said.

The woman’s Shih Tzu dog survived and was taken to a nearby animal hospital. His current condition is unknown. The pit bull was taken to an animal shelter and died, NLVPD said.

Animal Control Services of North Las Vegas charges owners of pit bulls and German shepherds for dogs running loose.

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