Nebraska lawmakers respond to State of the Union petition

LINCOLN, Neb. (COLOGNE) – President Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union Address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening.

Members of the delegation of the Nebraska State Congress in Washington responded to these words.

Representative Mike Flood (right): “While President Biden made bipartisan calls tonight, his words will not be enough to rally Americans dealing with a struggling economy and worried about an increasingly aggressive China. Over the past two years, working families have struggled with record inflation, caused by the Biden-led spending spree. The president has given no indication that he is ready to curb spending as he has used the appeal to raise taxes. And over the past week, the world has seen the Chinese Communist Party ( (CCP) has been questioning American sovereignty. While the president appears to be addressing the challenge, he has yet to offer any real plans to unite our country to compete with China in an increasingly volatile environment. President Biden will need to , to change course and attract members of the radical left in his party if he hopes to win both parties to control spending c to unite against the CCP threat. “

Senator Pete Ricketts (right): “Tonight I heard my first address about the State Union in person. As governor, we always tried to make the state government work for the people. That we’ve done a good job of delivering services, we’ve kept our costs down, we’ve made sure we have a good business environment for companies to invest in, and all of that creates jobs and opportunities for our families so they can have a good life. to enjoy in our country. The Biden administration does not share this. They have a bureaucracy that is infuriating. They have absurd costs that cause inflation and make it difficult for families to make ends meet. They did not control our southern border to allow millions of people to cross. And they make us more dependent on foreign energy. As your governor, I fought against this administration for two years, and as your senator, I will push back against an administration that is out of touch with the American people.”

Representative Adrian Smith (right): “Four in 10 Americans — the highest number in the poll’s 37 years — say they are worse off under a Biden presidency. The state of our union is failing Americans everywhere. Out-of-control spending, rising inflation, a sluggish economy, crime and resistance Failure to do so to our enemies on the world stage has harmed working families. Tonight, I hope we hear a new direction and bipartisan calls from President Biden, but we have only heard more of the same divisive rhetoric and failed policies. making our commitment to America’s agenda. Our agenda ensures that we are a safe nation, a future built on freedom, a government that is accountable, and a strong economy. Our priorities are the people’s priorities. President Biden is taking our country in the wrong direction. is leading and more and more Americans are feeling it and recognizing it.It’s a shame that the president is does not work”.

10/11 Now also reached out to the Nebraska Democratic Party for a response to Tuesday’s speech.

Jane Kleeb (D), chairwoman of the Nebraska Democratic Party: “President Biden can from now on forever be called ‘Jobs Biden.’ moving steel in the Midwest. Real jobs and real products that used to be exported are now being made across America. While Republicans like Rep. Flood and Sen. Ricketts focus on the culture wars, Democrats focus on putting money into Nebraskans’ pockets. Nebraska received $1.04 billion from the Save America Plan passed by the Biden administration — a bill that Rep. Bacon called “a partisan COVID bill. Democrats believe it will destroy the economy from the bottom up.” and build a middle. Republicans, including Don Bacon, are on record as wanting to raise the Social Security age, while they They protect the billionaire. Press. Biden has made it clear that he will do the work to protect important programs for the middle class like Social Security and Medicare and pay billionaires their fair share. Press. Biden continues to heal our nation’s soul, which happened loud and clear at the State of the Union. Nebraska Democrats are ready to finish the job with the president. Biden.”

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