Michigan man convicted of threatening to kill President Biden

A northern Michigan man with a history of threatening Democratic politicians pleaded guilty Monday to threatening to kill President Joe Biden by bombing the White House.

Timothy Heath Findlay, 49, of Prescott, a small village in the east of the West Division, is accused of April 28, the day Biden asked Congress for $33 billion to help Ukraine. At the time, Findlay was being held in the Arenac County Jail on an unrelated charge when he sent a letter threatening Biden, his wife, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, and others.

Findlay wrote that when he was released from custody, he and others would “bomb the White House and kill everyone with cyanide,” according to his plea agreement. “Rape your wife(,) kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer(,) tie her up and put her in Lake Michigan. Then kill everyone with cyanide.”

The letter came amid heightened political unrest across the country and coincided with the criminal charges against two men accused of plotting to kidnap Whitmer, who were part of a larger group that discussed stranding him in Lake Michigan. The accused ringleaders Adam Fox and Barry Croft were sentenced to 16 years and almost 20 years respectively.

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