Lawmakers are considering Suicide Prevention Bill 988

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – On Monday, committees focused on preventing 988 suicides.

Bill 988 on suicide prevention received a shot from lawmakers on Monday.

The bill only passed the Senate Labor and Social Services Committee three to two and goes to the full Senate floor.

Lawmakers are trying to codify best practices and financial infrastructure for these helpline centers.

Also add emergency response teams as part of the bill.

“There are no words for how much Wyoming needs this. To have a 24-hour hotline in the state that anyone can reach via text feature, including teenagers, would be a huge part of our mental health infrastructure,” Lindsay said. Cimineo, Wyoming Counseling Association.

The bill would not only help the state with the highest suicide rate in the country, but the communities that are most affected.

“Especially in rural communities, in our farming communities, the suicide rate is almost as high as our first responders and our military,” said Cindy Delaney, president of the Wyoming Business Alliance.

State and business officials say it’s a critical issue to solve for Wyoming’s success.

“This will allow for future years of funding where we can continue to raise and maintain this funding, which is incredibly important.”

Experts say the project will require about $2.1 million in funding during next year’s budget session, and the call centers will be in place as of August 2020.

The bill must be voted on three more times through the Senate before it reaches the governor’s desk and becomes law.

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