Las Vegas parents are grieving the death of a young girl who died a month before her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – A Las Vegas family is fighting for their lives as they experience a series of tragedies and devastating news.

The family lost their 3-year-old son who died of acute leukemia. Two months on, the grieving parents are now dealing with loss and heartache.

“You know, I’m not sure if she heard us or not. I think she did, I think she said we’re there – she said 20 minutes before her heart stopped. squeezed me,” said Trep and Ashley Gambino.

These two remember a moment no parent ever wants to experience. Their 3-year-old daughter died on November 28, 2022.

“He was fine on Thanksgiving, dressed up and asked us to go out to eat. Then on Saturday night around 6 o’clock he started vomiting, we took him to the hospital Sunday night, and Monday morning his heart stopped. work remains,” said Trep.

A rare cancer, acute leukemia, had struck the body of little Katana Rose.

They say she was healthy, she was running one day, and then something went wrong.

“I noticed that he was not looking properly, so we sent him to the emergency room. We had never seen him like this, and he was neglected like a normal child running away from an illness,” Trep said.

His heart stopped three times, and the third time doctors were unable to revive him.

“It’s happening so fast that I don’t even see her as unhealthy, and it’s hard to know that she actually has cancer because she’s been so healthy,” Trapp said.

The family moved to Las Vegas in 2017.

They say that when Katana was born on February 19, 2019, she was a fearless and brave baby.

“He wanted to tell you stories every day, he would make a whole thing with all his toys and a funny movie story every day he would play bubble puppies on the phone and show things on the phone that he liked to watch. Dads fight too,” Ashley said.

Trap and Ashlee were both MMA fighters who competed all over the world.

“I put my dad’s fights on TV and he immediately [watch]Ashley said.

It is said that Katana had a love for music and dance… and her personality was electric.

“She would be upset if you didn’t dance with her,” Ashley said.

In their final farewell on December 13, the two decided to hold Katana’s funeral in Ohio, where most of the family lives.

Even in the midst of this pain, two people say that if they could help someone who is suffering from death or heartache. They hope to do just that.

“If our story helps someone, take something positive from it,” Trepp said.

“The power of love is stronger than anything if people can see it and use it, no matter how important it is,” Trep said.

A month after Katana’s death, Ashley learned that she had an incurable disease called idiopathic pulmonary hypertension.

She also lost her unborn child at 20 weeks, forcing her to terminate the pregnancy, giving her 5 to 10 years to live.

Traveling to help the family during this difficult time Here.

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