iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will have more resolute cameras

The debut of the new premium smartphones by Applethe Serie iPhone 15, is scheduled for the month of September 2023. There will, as always, be four different models; the leaks have already emerged on the web for some time. Today, thanks to the Twitter account of Apple Hub, we discover that iPhone 15 and 15 Plus will have a new design for the photographic module and that the lenses will have more Megapixels. Perhaps, the main camera will reach a good 48 Mpx, against the 12 of the current model.

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus: what do we know about the new models?

It is said that the basic next-gen variants, iPhone 15 e 15 Plus, will present the Dynamic Island on screens without ProMotion, but will also have the USB Type-C port with speeds similar to those of the Lightning port. Under the body instead, Apple Bionic A16 processor with 5G modem and 6 GB of RAM.

Along with that, Apple Hub mentions the presence of a periscope sensor on the 2023 premium line; iPhone 15 Pro is expected to have 6X optical zoom, while iPhone 15 Pro Max will receive 10X optical zoom. There will be solid state buttons and we could also find the Wi-Fi 6E standard. The USB Type-C port will have Thunderbolt3 speed.

We know that the Cupertino OEM tends to make few changes in terms of gadget design, but with a new photographic sensor, an unprecedented redesigned and redesigned module is also expected. Great mystery instead revolves around the presence of the iPhone 15/16 Ultra, the first terminal in the world with a design similar to that of Apple Watch Ultra. These are just leaks and rumors from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman; we invite you to take them with β€œa pinch of salt”.

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Source: Twitter The Apple Hub

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