iPhone 12 mini for less than €500 on Amazon: unmissable OFFER

iPhone 12 mini it is one of the most controversial phones in history; we are talking about a light, compact, fast, portable smartphone, incredibly small in terms of size but with an incredible processor (the Apple Bionic A14). This jewel, despite being an excellent device, has received a “not very warm” welcome. The reason is simple: many love the so-called “padelloni”, or rather generous smartphones with giant screens. With iPhone 12 mini However, Apple wanted to cater to another category of people: those who want a pocket-sized, lightweight yet powerful item. It came out with an aggressive introductory price (839€), but today it is available su Amazon a 490,00€including shipping costs.

It is a refurbished device but in excellent condition, covered by a one-year warranty with Amazon Renewed. The device is positioned as a real Best Buy at the cost at which it is sold. Know that you can even defer the payment in comfortable installments with Cofidis or with the site’s internal system. With Amazon’s assistance, you will have logistical and technical support active every day, from six to midnight, via chat or telephone. In short, you will be covered from all points of view.

iPhone 12 mini: why choose it?

The question is provocative, but it assumes a simple answer: this is a phone you choose for size. Don’t make the mistake of buying it because it’s “cheap”. A little less are refurbished iPhone 11s (which have a 6.1 ″ screen). This is a perfect smartphone for those who want to have a compact, pocket-sized but powerful phone, with a good photographic sector (excellent, we would say), a resolute 5.4″ Retina OLED panel, support for MagSafe technology and wireless charging, but not only.

iPhone 12 mini

A 490,00€ you can’t miss it; if you are interested, we invite you to buy it in the short term, before the stocks available on Amazon run out. Hurry up.

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