Hannah Ann Sluss, Jake Funk are planning a 2024 wedding

Let’s go to the chapel … next year! Hannah Ann Sluss gave Us Weekly post-engagement wedding planning update for NFL player Jake Funk.

“Jake always gets excited because we got engaged and he says, ‘Why is everyone asking us about the wedding?’ I’m like, ‘Of course, that’s the first thing people are going to ask!'” the 26-year-old Bachelor alum exclusively said Us Weekly while promoting its partnership with Ninja Woodfire Outdoor Grill. “Right now we’re focused on moving – we’re moving to Florida, moving into a new home there. That is our highest priority. I’ve been out in California for a few years now, so it’s going to be a big change for me, [so I’m] focused on that.”

Sluss noted that the nuptials will likely be “sometime next offseason” as Funk “returns to practice in April in Indiana.” She joked, “[So we [would’ve] should have done it, like, this weekend.”

The former reality TV star is starting “from scratch” when it comes to planning their wedding.

“I don’t have, you know, any vision in mind other than something small,” she said. “And right now we’re just focused on our relationship and making sure that’s our main focus, and then the wedding will come, you know, it just feels natural.”

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk are planning a small wedding in 2024. 2

Hannah Ann Sluss and Jake Funk Courtesy of Hannah Ann Sluss/Instagram

Sluss and Funk, 25, got engaged last month after two years of dating, and she recommends couples add Ninja grill to their registry.

“I love the Ninja Wood Fire Grill because it can multitask. I love air frying — one of my favorite things to put in the air fryer is Buffalo Cauliflower Bites. And this is something I started making during the quarantine,” he personally explained to reality TV. “And that’s why finding a fryer that can give me that restaurant-style food was really important – because we like to eat at home. Another thing I love about this product is that I can pack it up and take it with me anywhere, which is really important to us. We moved three times last season, and it’s important to have a grill, so it’s nice to be able to pack it in the car and take it with you.”

For the big game on Sunday, February 12, Sluss will be running a burger bar.

“I like to have a theme to make it fun. We pack up the grill and head to San Diego to see our friends. This is our last weekend in California before we move to our new home in Florida,” she said Us. “And that’s why I want to make a cute burger bar. It’s all about aesthetics and being Instagram-worthy. … I’ll have my tomatoes, onions, mustard, pickles and jalapenos. [And the grill] it gives that rich flavor.”

When it comes to cooking in their household, Sluss takes charge.

“Jake’s all about grilling himself, and I said, ‘No, let me teach you something.’ We had so much fun trying different recipes and showing him that I know how to grill [too],” she said.

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