Google Bard stumbles at the start: artificial intelligence is not convincing and Google loses 100 billion

Who would have thought that one day Bing could become more popular than Google? Probably none, but recent events could suggest such an unpredictable situation.

We’ve already talked about it: lately both Google and Microsoft are preparing to integrate artificial intelligence into search engines. Google’s is called Bard and Microsoft’s (and OpenAi) is called GPT, but the substance is the same: they are technologies able to answer all your questions and also to make conversation on a human level.

The first step was taken by Microsoft, which in a surprise presentation on February 6th showed everything that AI will be capable of: answering questions, summarizing contents, preparing holidays, and so much more. The feedback was immediately extremely positive, and many were curious about how Google would respond.

On February 7, the day after, Google showed Bard, its version of artificial intelligence. What can he do? The same things as GPT, basically: the two huge houses therefore seemed to have entered into a rather even competition.

So why did Google’s shares plummet on the stock market?? The answer is rather curious. Indeed, in Bard’s promotional video, the artificial intelligence is asked the question: “What James Webb Space Telescope discoveries could I tell my 9-year-old son?” to which he replies with “JWST has taken the first photograph of a planet outside the solar system”. Too bad the answer is incorrectbecause the first photo of this type dates back to 2004.


Apparently it doesn’t seem like this big problem: after all, Bard is a system that is still in the works, and is being tested before being officially launched. Furthermore, he collects his knowledge from the Internet which, as we all know, is not always reliable. However, this did not particularly impress shareholders, causing Google to lose the beauty of 100 billion dollars. So will Bing win the AI ​​war? We’ll see that once the feature goes public.

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