goodbye low-cost flights, how to save money with NordVPN

Ryanair said goodbye to flights ultra-low cost from 9.99 euros, but don’t worry because with NordVPN you can continue to save always buying tickets from this company. In fact, by activating the VPN on your devices you will be able to pay less at many e-commerces and online services.

In a recent interview, Eddie Wilson, CEO of the famous airline, made it known that the company’s policy regarding deep discounts it’s changing. On the occasion of the announcement of new routes, to promote territory and tourism, Wilson also explained to everyone’s enormous surprise a change in the price list:

The ultra-low-cost season, at least that of tickets at 9.99 euros, is over but we remain the airline with the lowest prices and with the most connections between European cities. Super promotions today, in the time of expensive fuel and after the pandemic, are difficult to maintain except in the launch of new markets or new routes. But I foresee very slight increases: from 40 to 50 euros per route and only within 3 years. Then it must be said that in Italy it is difficult to keep prices low if you charge us 6.50 euros in municipal taxes for each passenger. Money that doesn’t go to the Municipalities but ends up in the black hole of some pension fund of former Alitalia pilots.

With a polemical tone, he then listed some reasons why the cost of tickets will no longer drop as much as before in Italy. Luckily that NordVPN is able to do you save on the purchase of tickets Ryanair despite it all. Find out how you can do it thanks to a simple and fast method.

Ryanair: How to save on ticket prices using NordVPN

NordVPN is able to guarantee constant savings on the purchase of airline tickets Ryanair and many other companies. Install its application – available for all operating systems – and activate it on your device that you usually use for your online purchases.

Then log in through the account you provided during purchase and registration. Once inside the application, through the very intuitive ecosystem, you reach the section dedicated to servers. There select a server located in a country where the cost of living and wages are low.

By changing your virtual location thanks to NordVPN, Ryanair will believe that you are connecting from another place and not in Italy. For this you will see a different price list than what is usually shown when you connect from your country.

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