Gender and sexuality students will visit the Capitol on Friday

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – Students from Gender and Sexuality Alliances from across the state gathered to learn about the legal process, legislation and their rights.

“This should be a conversation between kids and their parents, and when it comes down to it, whatever the parents decide. I don’t think the Wyoming legislature has a place in these families and these conversations,” said Jordan Kennedy, GSA student. .

With gender transition rights and the legal age of choice on the agenda this session, students from Gender and Sexuality Alliances across the state wanted to talk to their legislators to make their voices heard.

“Just remember who you’re representing, it’s easier to check and accept bills when you see our faces, but we’re still here, what you do affects us. And only us help, not just help yourself,” said Erika Prater, GSA student.

These students began their day visiting the Supreme Court to learn about the legal process and ended their day at the Capitol to speak with lawmakers.

The two bills they focused on were the Child Abuse-Gender Reassignment Bill and the Chloe Child Reassignment Ban Act.

The senator, who sponsored one of the bills, says the restrictive measures against minors are in the law for a reason.

– We do not allow them to have weapons, we do not allow them, we do not allow them to do many things. Why are we allowing them to go through major surgery where they’re going to be scarred for life,” said Sen. Anthony Bouchard, SD 6th.

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