Frontline responders: MCC’s impact on students

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Your college years can be stressful, scary and maybe even a little lonely. But three women at Meridian Community College are trying to give students an experience they’ll always remember and a helping hand.

MCC may be small, but it exudes a university atmosphere. So when students step onto campus, it can be a daunting task of school, figuring out their future goals, and being in a new environment. Sometimes students just need a break or some guidance. That’s when Director of Housing and Student Affairs Kelly Wallace and Lead Coordinator Ambriel Adams come to the rescue.

“We have fun activities here on campus to keep our kids engaged in a fun experience while they’re here so we can keep them here and safe. We do a lot of things that are fun, whether it’s a moment to socialize and eat with each other. We play games like games. Sometimes they want more. They ask if they can have events every Tuesday or every Wednesday. No matter what day it is, and that’s why we try to find new and better ways to give them more, and they enjoy it, and they really appreciate what we do for them as a team. Wallace said.

Adams said he has an open door policy. Whether for advice or just a listening ear. He said college can be lonely and you never know what students are going through, especially for those who live on campus.

“If they don’t have anybody, you know, they come here looking for family, even though it’s not their blood family, they’re looking for some kind of family here, so they can connect, so they can stay here, for they can grow. And I feel like that’s a way to move forward if they feel like, hey, I have someone who supports me and I have someone who listens to me. I have someone who’s willing to listen to me or reassure me about my problems,” Adams said.

But MCC also saw a need to help students who might be less fortunate. For this reason, a canteen was organized to provide students with cooking utensils, canned food and clothing, so that students can come and go as they wish.

“Students often think of a cafeteria, you have to go to other resources. Because we have a cafeteria on campus, I feel that more students use it because they don’t have to go to other resources and they are with people , who work at MCC, are comfortable,” said support services coordinator Lashundra Grady.

Adams said the department is also working to develop a mentoring program at MCC. Adams, Wallace and Grady are just three of the many at MCC who strive to provide the best for students who attend college.

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