Eugene 4J’s parent files recall the lawsuit against Loral O’Rourke

A possible recall petition has been filed against Eugene School District 4J board member Laura O’Rourke after another tense board meeting and ongoing conflict between O’Rourke and other board members.

Disagreement during the match led to the delay of the victory of the volleyball team in the state championship. The petition was filed by Lisa Wood, a parent of a member of the Sheldon High School volleyball team who attended the Feb. 1 meeting.

In the petition, Wood wrote that O’Rourke’s conduct was “unbecoming of a public officer” and that O’Rourke had “behaved in an inflammatory manner at numerous board meetings.”

O’Rourke is the only black member of the board and has previously complained of racial harassment by fellow board members. In November, she filed a formal complaint outlining the specific circumstances in which she was targeted. He made similar claims in public meetings.

What happened at the meeting?

The board meeting started about 30 minutes late due to technical problems. The meeting was a hybrid, with three board members present in person and four virtually present, including O’Rourke.

The members of the board discussed the issues to be included in their agenda. They added two points: to demand an update of the legislative action and to take measures based on the complaint heard in the executive session.

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