Discussions about the CO2 pipeline continue

MCCAUSLAND, Iowa (KWQC) – McCausland community members are engaged in discussions about a proposed CO2 pipeline.

In Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement created a forum for McCausland farmers to comment on the proposed CO2 pipeline, which would run from Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Decatur, Illinois, and allow affected farmers to discuss the risks to their property if the pipeline is installed.

“When it goes through here, I think the construction site is 125 feet wide, so that’s about 7.5 acres of land on our whole farm that will be affected by the construction,” said Jerry Stofen, a McCausland farmer. .

Wolf Carbon Solutionsa Denver-based company called CO2 Navigator CO2proposes to connect the 280-mile pipeline ADM plants in Cedar Rapids, Clinton and Decatur. In 2023, companies began to seek the consent of local owners. After receiving the plans, construction will begin in 2024.

For many farmers, this pipeline runs under their property or close to their land, and the potential risk of liquid CO2 is against installation. If an underground pipe ruptures, the surrounding area will be exposed to an explosion. There is an event in the forum Mississippireturn in 2020, which shows how dangerous carbon dioxide can be.

“For reference, those of you who cook with a pressure cooker are using 10 psi of carbon dioxide, when you’re pumping air into your tires it’s about 35 psi,” said Susan Leithauser, a defense attorney. Progressive actions for the common good. “When carbon dioxide reaches 10,000 parts per million, people can feel restless, and at 40,000 parts per million carbon dioxide can kill you.

There have been many meetings with Wolf and members of the Quad Cities, such as the one held in Davenport on December 6, another in Macomb, Illinois February 6.

Currently, county supervisors in many Quadrangle cities are adamant with their residents to keep the pipeline out of Iowa, but negotiations are far from over.

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