Cuffie Bluetooth sport Wireless a soli 29,99€ su Amazon(-57%)

If you are looking for new wireless headphones, there is certainly one for you on Amazon. Today and for a little while longer you can buy al 57% discounted price some excellent ones cuffie Bluetooth sport wireless that can accompany you during your outdoor sports sessions or in the gym and wherever you want.

Con only 29.99 euroseven saving around 40 euros, you can buy the right headphones, with an ergonomic design and with IP7 waterproof. Indeed, the device is equipped with stabilizer hooks that will sit over your ears to hold the Bluetooth headphones in the right position without them slipping off while you run or perform any type of physical activity.

With 3 cap sizes for ears (S/M/L) the wireless earphones will be able to adapt to different sizes of the ear canal. IP7 waterproofing becomes almost indispensable for those who, like you, love mountain biking or play sports that make them sweat more.

Of excellent quality, your new headphones are equipped with the innovative tecnologia Bluetooth 5.3. You will therefore have an extremely stable wireless connection and a higher transmission speed. Do not miss the microphone with 6mm speakers and an excellent codec audio Bluetooth which will allow you to listen to your favorite music in an immersive way with powerful and deep bass.

The new Bluetooth sport earphones will also allow you to listen to your favorite songs for about 8 hours at full power, with a 400mAH battery which can last for 40 hours. In addition, the wireless headphones, which Amazon is offering you for a little while at a super price, use the unique LED display technology to accurately display the remaining power of the left and right earphone.

Using the convenient touch control, you can change the settings at any time in an extremely easy way. In short, an exceptional product that can be yours for less than 30 euros, but only if you hurry to complete the order you can take advantage of the crazy 57% discount. Then run and buy the exceptional wireless Bluetooth sport headphones to save around 40 euros.

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