Clark County’s new foster care funding will go to some families, but not all yet

Las Vegas, Nev. (FOX5) – More than 100 young people are currently waiting for a place to call home at Haven Children’s Care in Clark County.

“We receive these reports from Child Haven and our foster care systems,” said Clark County Commissioner Justin Jones. “So again, it’s on our mind, so it’s going to be a priority as we move into the next fiscal period.”

Getting more money for foster parents was a priority on the minds of Clark County commissioners, and it became possible for some.

The county received $500,000 from the state in America’s Rescue Plan Fund, which goes to youth transitioning from foster care.

“If you have two parents at home, they’re going to help you transition into adulthood, but kids in foster care are in foster care because they don’t have that kind of resource,” Jones said.

$1.2 million will be awarded to foster parents who care for children with special medical needs.

“There are a lot of kids that are a little more difficult to manage, whether they’re medically unstable or have some kind of substance abuse problem,” Jones said.

Although there is now more funding for some, funding is still needed for all foster parents.

“What really surprised us was for a traditional foster family, the reimbursement was in the neighborhood of $20 a day,” Jones said. “Everything gets expensive.”

Jones talked about how soon we could see more money in the hands of those traditional foster families.

“Well, definitely this year,” Jones said. “We are now going through the cycle and these funds will be available no later than June of this year.”

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent and attending an information session, click here Here.

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