Chrome will finally have a sharing menu consistent with Android

Google is among the main ones in the tech market, above all thanks to Android which offers apps and services in the sector smartphone e tablet. Among its best known products we find Google Chromethe well-known web browser.

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Over the years we have seen the constant commitment of Google in providing an always up-to-date experience with Chrome. In the last few hours they have emerged new details precisely in this sense.

Google Chrome is still today one of the few Google apps that provide a sharing menu not coherent with that of Android, you can get an example by looking the image below. In fact, the current sharing menu is customizeddifferent from what is present at the Android system level.

But this could change soon. Google is in fact down testing a new sharing menu for Chrome, exactly identical to the one we find at Android system level. You can have a practical example by looking at the next picture.

Uniforming the sharing menu of Chrome with that of Android would be a big step forward for the Google browser. All those who use Chrome on Android devices will clearly benefit from it, who will be able to benefit from an increasingly more coherent.

The novelty we have just seen is currently under testing on the version Canary of Google Chrome for Android. It’s possible to enable the new menu through the flag at the following address: Share sheet refactor Android.

Below you will find the button per download the latest version of Chrome Canary, i.e. the most experimental beta version of the browser, from the Play Store.

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